The Women’s Imaging Center of Rio Grande Regional Hospital is a one-stop shop for all your women’s imaging needs. A wide range of imaging services are available in our convenient imaging center right next door to the main hospital.

We are committed to offering the most advanced technology in a comfortable setting, with all-female staff members who are trained to help and encourage you to ask questions. Our radiologists are certified by the American College of Radiology. They review your scans quickly and send the results to your referring physician.

Imaging services

Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Most imaging procedures are painless, but we understand you may be anxious. Our goal is to put you at ease and offer you a quick, user-friendly experience. Some of the services offered at the Women's Imaging Center include:


A mammogram is a specialized X-ray of the breast used to screen for breast cancer. Mammograms can detect tumors too small to be felt during breast exams. Mammograms may also be used in the diagnosis of breast cancer after a lump is found.


An ultrasound is a painless test that uses sound waves to produce images of soft tissue. Most people know about ultrasounds taken during pregnancy to show the growth of a fetus. Ultrasounds can also be used to find fibroids and other problems in the uterus and elsewhere in the abdomen and pelvis.

Bone density scan

Bone density scanning is an enhanced X-ray used to measure the density of bone minerals. Bone density scans test for osteoporosis, a thinning of bones. The hormonal changes women experience as they get older make them more susceptible to developing osteoporosis.

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You can schedule an appointment at the HCA Rio Grande Regional Hospital Women's Imaging Center by calling (855) 519-9674 or by scheduling online. We can make your appointment and discuss whether we need a written order from your doctor and/or authorization from your insurance. Annual mammograms do not require pre-authorization.

We have convenient parking and quick registration, right next to the main building of Rio Grande Regional Hospital.

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