Emergency Rooms in McAllen and Edinburg

You never plan to have an emergency, so it’s nice to know that Rio Grande Regional Hospital has three world-class emergency rooms offering 24/7 emergency care. If you have an emergency, we are here when you need us most.

Rio Grande Regional Hospital is a leading healthcare provider in McAllen, TX with one of the area’s largest ER facilities. We extend our ER care into the Rio Grande Valley community with off-site 24 hour emergency care centers.

Our emergency rooms:

  • Rio Grande Regional Hospital ER with Advanced Level III Trauma Center
  • McAllen/Mission - 24 Hour Emergency Care
  • Edinburg - 24 Hour Emergency Care

Pediatric ER Care

All three of our facilities offer pediatric emergency services. Whether you are in the McAllen, Mission or Edinburg communities, each one of our ERs is fully equipped to treat your child with outstanding care. If your child is in need of hospital admission, our Children's Medical Center provides 24-hour coverage by pediatric intensivists and neonatologists.

Specialized Triage System with Fast Track

Our specialized triage system makes sure that you or your child's wait time is as short as possible. The Fast Track area is dedicated to treating minor illnesses and injury – providing exams, tests and treatment quickly. This allows expedited care of more acute / critical injuries.

ER at Rio Grande Regional Hospital

101 East Ridge Road

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 632-6000

The emergency room at Rio Grande Regional Hospital provides immediate care for all ages. We are conveniently located by the McAllen International Airport, in the heart of McAllen. Our state-of-the-art facility provides specialized treatment for a range of conditions, including:

  • On-site lab and radiology
  • Children’s Medical Center with 24-hour coverage by Pediatric Intensivists (pediatric intensive care physicians) and Neonatologists
  • On-site helipad for air transport of critically-ill patients
  • Dedicated 24-hour cath lab team for heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies

Emergency services are available for children and adults in the greater McAllen community. We treat everything from broken bones, coughs and colds to treatment for heart attacks and strokes.

Advanced Level III Trauma Center

Trauma is the number one cause of serious injury and death in children and young adults. Our Trauma Center is prepared with a dedicated surgical team who provide round-the-clock care.  

ER in McAllen-Mission, TX

Off Expressway 83 and Taylor Road

5100 West Expressway 83
McAllen, TX 78501

(956) 928-7200
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When an emergency happens, it’s good to know that healthcare you can trust is close to home. Rio Health is committed to offering rapid emergency care across the Rio Grande Valley. Our freestanding emergency room in McAllen/Mission is an extension of our main facility. We offer high quality, cost-effective healthcare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experienced physicians and support staff treat everything from minor scrapes and bruises to high fevers. We also treat major emergencies, including stroke, heart attack and trauma conditions.

The 24 Hour Emergency Care clinic in McAllen/Mission offers:

  • 24/7 ER service in a convenient location
  • Experienced, board-certified physicians
  • On-site imaging and laboratory services (digital X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, blood processing, etc.)
  • A department of Rio Grande Regional Hospital, making direct admission to the hospital fast and easy

ER in Edinburg, TX

Near the corner of South McColl and West University Drive

2744 West University Drive
Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 380-8080
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You don’t ever plan on an emergency. But when it happens, it’s good to know that healthcare you can trust is nearby. Our newest emergency care facility within the Rio Grande Valley serves the greater Edinburg, TX community. Our freestanding ER provides convenient, accessible care to children and adults seeking medical attention. Patients can expect a passionate team of expert physicians and support staff with the same level of commitment as the main Rio Grande Regional Hospital ER campus.

You’ll experience short wait times for a range of services. We can treat everything from scrapes, bruises, broken bones and fevers to life-threatening emergencies, like stroke and chest pain.

Services at our 24 Hour Emergency Care center in Edinburg include:

  • 24/7 service in a convenient place
  • Experienced, board-certified physicians
  • Blood work processed in the on-site lab
  • CT scan, ultrasound and X-rays completed on site
  • A department of Rio Grande Regional Hospital, making direct admission to the hospital fast and easy

Hospital Admission

Sometimes a trip to the ER means a stay in a hospital. If that happens when you’re visiting one of our 24 Hour Emergency Care centers, one of our staff members will handle those arrangements for you. As a department of Rio Grande Regional, direct admission to our main campus by ambulance is quick and simple. Our nurse's even call ahead to share information about your condition and history with the main hospital ER team so they are ready when you arrive.

Call 9-1-1 for an Emergency

For all emergency situations, call 9-1-1. Never attempt to drive yourself to the hospital. 

Always call 9-1-1 or have someone else drive you to the hospital.

Letting an EMS provider take you to the hospital in an ambulance is safer in certain emergencies, such as stroke or heart attack. The emergency medical technicians (EMT) can send vital information to the hospital during transport, resulting in faster treatment and diagnosis once you arrive. And ambulances don’t get stuck in traffic.

If you have any questions about our emergency services, call the ER department at Rio Grande Regional Hospital at (956) 632-6443.