Dr. Guillermo Salinas, cardiologist and medical director of interventional cardiology at Rio Grande Regional Hospital (RGRH), completed 100 robotic-assisted vascular procedures.  This accomplishment positions Dr. Salinas as the 11th physician in the country to achieve this milestone.  He is currently the first physician in the State of Texas to claim this honor.

As a certified Chest Pain and Stroke center, RGRH is proud to use the first and only FDA-cleared medical device to bring robotic-assisted precision to coronary angioplasty procedures.  Vascular robotics offers physicians and patients minimally-invasive technology which improves the precision of stent and balloon placement. This premier vascular robotic system combines benefits of coronary angioplasty with the precision of robotics, to help widen clogged arteries and restore healthy blood flow to the heart.  Coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common form of heart disease, is characterized by plaque buildup that restricts blood flow in the arteries, is a widespread and life-threatening condition. Combining superior visualization of the X-ray images with robotic precision enhances angioplasty procedures, ultimately improving patient care.

Along with the highly experienced catheterization laboratory team at RGRH, Dr. Salinas is committed to utilizing innovative technology to prevent, diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease.  Rio Grande Regional Hospital put its heart into caring for yours!  If you are interested in learning more about the robotic system, please visit the hospital’s website www.RioHealth.com.