Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Every patient shall have the right to:

Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Receive considerate and respectful care
  • A safe environment
  • Know the name of his/her physician(s)
  • Information concerning diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  • "Refuse Treatment"
  • Be advised of and to refuse participation in clinical research
  • Respect, privacy and confidentiality
  • Social, religious and psychological well being
  • Reasonable response to request for service
  • Visitors
  • An interpreter if needed
  • Be informed of hospital rules, regulations and complaint resolution
  • Knowledge concerning professional status of caregivers
  • Discharge planning and instructions
  • Explanation of your bill and financial counsel

Patient Testimonial

Every patient is responsible for:

  • Communicating honestly and directly
  • Cooperating with health care team
  • Understanding his/her health issues
  • Acknowledging medical plan
  • Actions resulting from non-compliance
  • Knowing names of caregivers
  • Following hospital rules and regulations
  • Being considerate of other patients
  • Being respectful of others and of hospital property
  • Fulfilling financial obligations for health care
  • Informing hospital of any violation of patient rights

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